Physical Education, Sport, Kinesitherapy (Physiotherapy) Research Journal
Published by: Association for physical education, sport, dances and recreation /APESDAR/
Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA
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Volume 2, Issue No3, Published: September 2017 - CURRENT EDITION - Next edition - December 2017

Table of content

Art. No 12. The physical development of children with cerebral palsy in use of Bobat’s method in physical therapy course
Author/-s: Bozhena O. Bukhovets, Alexander P. Romanchuk

Art. No 13. Acknowledgement increase effect in accordance with the health improvement motor activities among students
Author/-s: Dimka B. Nestorova

Art. No 14. Dependence of the shooting results from the direction of action the targets by high-qualified biathletes
Author/-s: Mihayl I. Klechorov

Art. No 15. Minimizing of physical education and sport in contemporary Bulgarian schools
Author/-s: Diana N. Peeva, Nela V. Gocheva, Ivan T. Ivanov

Art. No 16. Proteins and amino acids supplements used by women practicing strength sports
Author/-s: Lubomir A. Petrov

Art. No 17.
Methodology for development of fast shooting in standing position by high-qualified biathletes
Author/-s: Mihayl I. Klechorov

Art. No 18. Effect of self-talk training programme on free kick accuracy of grassroot footballers in Pepsi Football Academy
Author/-s: Kehinde Adeyemo, Mayowa Adeyeye

Art. No 19. Material and technical, methodological and staff provision of physical education in the kindergarten
Author/-s: Nevyana Dokova