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Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA
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Art. No.1. Corrective gymnastics in the physical education lessons with students in special schools for mentally retarded

Kiril Kostov
, Stefan Kinov, Nevyana Dokova
South-West University Neofit Rilski, Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA
Department of Theory and methodology of physical education

Keywords: corrective gymnastics, mentally retarded students, scoliosis

Received on June 26, 2016
Accepted on June 30, 2016
Published on July 10, 2016
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In the whole system of impacts on students with mental retardation, viewing their more easy incorporation and professional orientation, basic place in the upbringing and educational process at the school for mentally retarded finds the physical activity. In the different forms of realization it is irreplaceable means for achieving greater effectiveness of education and upbringing of this kind of students. In the school physical education from the activities with physical element greatest application, find the game and gymnastics. The euphoria about the irreplaceable values of the game activity and the recommendations of some “capacities” that hardly the physical education of the students must be before all and mostly only a game, is on the way to lose its “actuality and originality”. With its characteristic peculiarities and specific impact, the gymnastic exercises solve a number of lawful-hygienic, educational and upbringing problems, as the necessity of solving corrective healing problems with great significance is outlined in students from schools for mentally retarded. Our preliminary investigations in this direction showed that this type of problems could be successfully solved only with the help of gymnastic activity and particularly with corrective gymnastic exercises. They are the most successful means for prophylactics and healing in many very characteristic and often met diseases with these students, of the locomotor system, for correction of the body stand, vertebral defects, disharmony between the different anthropometric indices, acquired flat foot, tight muscularity. Based on similar understanding, we conducted one-year experiment in the schools for mentally retarded in Blagoevgrad, in the village of Stob (Sofia region), in the village of Amahovo (Plovdiv region) and in Plovdiv. Our task was to check experimentally what are the possibilities for prophylactics or correction of already existing deformations of the vertebral column - basically scoliosis, with the help of specially selected gymnastic exercises with reformatory character.
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