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Published by: Association for physical education, sport, dances and recreation /APESDAR/
Blagoevgrad, BULGARIA
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Archive - Volume 5, Issue No4, Published: December 2022

Table of content

Art. No 1
. Analysis of correlation dependences in some indicators in female students training basketball
Author/-s: Metodi Milanov
Art. No 2. Field of work of the pedagogue and its role in the physical education in elementary school
Author/-s: Sanja Gacov
Art. No 3
. Pedagogical approach in physical education
Author/-s: Sanja Gacov
Art. No 4
. Body mass index, motivation and self assessment of 11-13-year-old students
Author/-s: Veronika Georgieva
Art. No 5. Mistakes in the shooting training by adolescent biathletes
Author/-s: Valentin Vukov
Art. No 6. Application of methodology for training аt the first and second heart race training zones for athletes in sports orienteering
Author/-s: Liliana Gotseva
Art. No 7. The olympic experience as a career change-event: athletes`and coaches` perceptions of the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic games
Author/-s: Hila Ohana
Art. No 8. Influence and significance of sports in rehabilitation
Author/-s: Valeri St. Yordanov
Art. No 9. Polyfunctionality of physical education as pedagogical processes in primary school (based on expert assessment)
Author/-s: Nevyana Dokova
Art. No 10.
Training - a basic form of organization in sports
Author/-s: Valeri St. Yordanov
Art. No 11. Improvement of the speed shooting in standing position of 15-17 years old biathletes
Author/-s: Mihayl Klechorov
Art. No 12. Free time of the younger school age pupils and their parents
Author/-s: Živorad M. Marković, Antonio Antonov
Art. No 13. Professionalization of youth work in Bulgaria
Author/-s: Eleonora M. Mileva
Art. No 14. Children’s upbringing (a basis for a healthy and successful life)
Author/-s: Dimka B. Nestorova